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When you hike with Kauai Hiking Adventures, our mission is to help enhance your connection to the natural world and to always travel with reverence and respect for the Web of Life. Kauai Hiking Adventures models walking in harmony with the spirit of the land while exploring the powerful and beautiful scenery that is Kauai.

Founded in 2005, Kauai Hiking Adventures offers private, guided hiking tours suitable for all fitness and ability levels. All of our hiking tours are completely private & customized according to your personal preference, physical ability level & the prevailing local weather conditions. Kauai Hiking Adventures acknowledges and respects your unique individuality & takes the time to design a hiking tour that is just right for you.

Hike Kauai with our Experienced Guides

Our primary goal is for you to have peak experiences generated by establishing an authentic connection to the wonders of Kauai’s natural beauty. When we hike together we will share with you our knowledge of the plants, history and culture of Hawaii and help open the gateway for you to experience this sacred and mystical land.

Whether you are looking for a gentle stroll through the rainforest to a remote waterfall, a major trudge over rugged terrain or a multi-day backpacking adventure, your backcountry guide will cater your hike to your individual needs. Best of all, you will never have to compromise your experience by being grouped with another party.

Hiking on Kauai

There are a variety of sights to see on Kauai. Your Hiking Adventure is customized to what you want to experience.

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