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Half-Day Kauaʻi Adventure

Quick Details

Private Tour Up to 4 People with Private Guide
Additional Hikers Per Person

Enjoy the Best Hikes on Kauaʻi

On this longer and equally sweet day (3 – 6 hours), we will maximize our time together. Options include:

Checking out one of our favorite hiking and/or waterfall spots on the East Side of the island such as Nounou Mountain (a.k.a. Sleeping Giant), Kuilau Ridge with views of Mount Waiʻaleʻale, and more – the east side of the island has amazing waterfalls and lots of green luscious jungle scenery to adventure into. A coastal stroll along the South Shore or North Shore of Kauaʻi to check out crashing waves and/or native wildlife.

Depending on your group’s desires and skills, we take you to as many amazing locations and delve as deep into the Kauaʻi outdoor experience as time allows. Half-day hikes are perfect for a family visiting Kauaʻi with young children who are looking to get out and have an authentic adventure in nature. You will have an opportunity to discuss your specific interests and ability level directly with your guide before the tour.

Please keep in mind that tour durations begin when you meet your guide until you part ways. If you need a pick up and/or drop off this extra driving time, including traffic, should be incorporated into the duration of tour you select. If this is an issue for you, you may want to select a tour area closer to where you are staying.

Book our “Full-Day Kauaʻi Adventure”  if you want even more time to explore (in most cases your tour can be extended, and the price can be adjusted accordingly after your tour, if you let us know during the tour).

Like all of our trips, our Half-Day Kauaʻi Adventure is customized for you, as easy or as difficult as you would like in the time you have selected. We are happy to provide suggestions on the best hikes on the island – book today to start planning your unforgettable Kauaʻi adventure!