Half Day Hike

Half Day Tour

Duration: 2-3+ hours

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Whats included:

  • Your group’s private professional hiking guide with years of experience on Kauai
  • Transportation from where we meet which tends to be on the eastern part of the island in the Kapaa area (pickup is a possibility depending on where you stay)
  • Safety gear (hiking poles, crampons, first aid kits, extra water, energy bars, sat communication device)
  • Permits for the day

Like all of our trips, our half day is a custom fit to you, but generally this is what we recommend and where we like to go on this day together.

On this shorter but sweet day we maximize our time together by going to a few of our favorite hiking and waterfall spots on the eastern side of the island.  There are many highlights to the East coast of Kauai such as the Nounou Mountain aka “Sleeping Giant”, Kuilau Ridge with views of Mt. Wai’ale’ale, Makaleha mountains, amazing waterfalls, and lots of green luscious jungle scenery and environment to adventure into.  Depending on your groups desires and skills we will take you to as many amazing locations to delve deep into the Kauai outdoor experience as time allows.