Online Booking

Online Booking

Use our online booking form and we’ll get back to you with everything you need to know to plan and reserve your hike on Kauai with one of our experienced guides.

Kauai Hiking Adventures offers half day, and full day hikes as well as multi-day camping, backpacking and hiking trips. We offer personalized hiking tours, specially tailored to our clients’ individual needs and wants. We offer all levels of hiking from family strolls to extremely rigorous excursions.

Our single day hiking tours come in 3 durations:

Half Day Hike

Our half day hiking tours are generally 3-4 hours long and are of easy to moderate difficulty on well-maintained trails. We offer half day guided hikes to some easy to reach Kauai Waterfalls, Interior Mountain Ranges, Beach and Coastal Hikes and the Napali Coast. Half day hikes are perfect for a family visiting Kauai with young children who are looking to get out and have an authentic adventure in nature.

Full Day Hiking Tour

This is our most popular tour. 6-8 hours in length, we often combine sightseeing and hiking because the drive time to some trail heads is quite far from most of the resort areas. The Napali Coast, Napali Cliff Tops, Waimea Canyon (both floor and rim), Alakai Swamp, Interior Mountains, Beach and Coastal Hikes, and many Kauai Waterfalls, as well as some of our Specialty Tours. These tours can vary in difficulty from easy to strenuous with trails ranging from wide and well-maintained to some of the moderate off-trail hikes. Choosing a full day tour allows you the time to really experience the majestic serenity of Kauai from ridge tops high above the coast, to cascading waterfalls, Kauai Hiking Adventures has something for everyone.

Over The Top Kauai Adventure

The name speaks for itself! These tours are generally extreme in either length, technical difficulty, physical exertion or a combination of factors. Taking anywhere from 8-10+ hours, our Over the Top Adventures are simply unreal. We guide you to places of epic beauty that take considerable effort to reach; and the reward is well worth it. Many of these adventures are off trail, through overgrown jungle, and sometimes follow hunting tracks or other routes that are on unmaintained surfaces. These hikes are strenuous to extreme difficulty and often require that our guests have extensive hiking experience and a general sense of ease, safety and well-being in remote places. Whether you choose to explore the Napali Coast, Alakai Swamp, Waimea Canyon, or some of Kauai’s less easily visited waterfalls and interior mountain areas, an Over the Top Kauai Adventure is the kind of experience you will remember for a lifetime!

For Multi Day Trips, KHA creates personalized guided tours that make dreams come true!

Multi-Day Kauai Adventures

Kauai is one of the best places in the world for backpacking and camping trips. We offer everything from serious, hard core backcountry adventures to relaxing beach campouts and car camping trips where we set you up with a comfortable base camp and take you on multiple day hikes. As a general rule, our camping trips are set up expedition style where guests are encouraged to participate with the guide in general camp chores such as fetching water, setting and breaking camp, and preparing meals. For a more catered experience, we also offer a “Good Life Package” where all meals and camp chores are done for you. Cabin and “bunkhouse” stays, complete with a rustic kitchen, flush toilets, and hot showers are available for an additional fee. As with all of our tours, our Kauai backpacking and camping adventures are fully customized so we can remain flexible to meet your unique needs.

Intended trail may be changed at any time at the guide’s discretion. Based on personal or environmental factors, a guide may feel the need to change the destination of your hike for your own safety and enjoyment. Due to specific trail diversity, private property, and state law, we cannot guarantee specific location(s) you may have in mind when booking directly through this website. Please call us for a quick chat if this is a concern for you.  


If you’d like to talk to a KHA guide to arrange your trip or just ask a question, call us at 808-822-4453.

Keep in mind we’re several hours earlier than the US mainland here.

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