Hiking on Kauai

Hiking on Kauai

Hiking on Kauai is as diverse as our island’s heritage. We hike through lush rain forests to magnificent towering waterfalls. We hike straight up the heart of a river, working with the elements to have a fully interactive day. We offer excursions high above the dramatic cliffs of the elusive and magical Na Pali Coast with sweeping coastal vistas in all directions. We can explore hidden canyons, and descend into gorges that will leave your mind and spirit in amazement. If it’s off the beaten path and into the thick jungle you’re looking for, we even offer a bushwhacking tour that will truly get you out there, deep in the woods. At Kauai Hiking Adventures we offer more than just an activity, we offer the memories that great vacations are made of. Memories that last a lifetime.

Some of the best hikes in the state of Hawaii are on the island of Kauai:

  • Waimea Canyon / Waipo’o Falls
  • Waimea Canyon Ditch Trail
  • Awa’awapuhi Ridge
  • Alakai Swamp / Kilohana Overlook
  • Nu’alolo Trail
  • Makaleha Falls
  • Hanakapiai Falls
  • Kalalau Valley
  • Powerline Trail
  • Wai’ale’ale / Blue Hole Hike

In order to accommodate our diverse clientele, Kauai Hiking Adventures offers hiking tours to a multitude of destinations and of various length and difficulty.


Coastal Ridge Tops – Hike highland ridge tops high above the exquisite Na Pali Coast to sweeping vistas of the valleys and beaches below. These hikes commence at high elevations which means cooler temperatures, and unique flora and fauna.


Up-River Excursions – We wear special shoes to aid us in working with the elements as we rock-hop up a river, through tropical jungle, to reach secluded, pristine waterfalls.


Canyon Rims and Floors – Hike along a canyon rim to awe-inspiring views or descend to the canyon floor to experience one of a kind nature. Waimea Canyon is the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. Similar in geology, smaller in scale, and far more accessible.


Beach Hikes –Stroll at length down a secluded beach, far beyond the tourist zone, and explore tide pools, sea arches, and other phenomena that result from millions of years of ocean meeting volcanic earth, teeming with birds, aquatic life and earth creatures great and small. If you’re lucky you’ll encounter sea turtles, albatross, Hawaiian monk seals, whales, dolphins and more.


Waterfall Hikes – Let us guide you to waterfalls ranging from easy to extreme. Kauai is speckled with waterfalls. Some an easy stroll from a car, others nestled deeply in canyon gorges. The harder they are to get to, the more you will enjoy them. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction after spending hours navigating jungle, trails, rivers and heat when you arrive at a pure, clean, crystalline river pool with a cascading waterfall!


Bushwhacking – Get off the trail, and go straight through the jungle. And never fear, with our guide’s expertise and knowledge of Kauai you will never be lost. We know how to tread respectfully and sustainably and leave no trace. There’s something exciting and wonderful about exploring off trail for hidden Kauai treasure.




*Intended trail may be changed at any time at the guide’s discretion. Based on personal or environmental factors, a guide may feel the need to change the destination of your hike for your own safety.

*Due to specific trail diversity and difficulties, we do not allow direct bookings. Please call us for a quick chat to choose an adventure that’s right for you.

Book your hike and lets get out there and have a Kauai Hiking Adventure!