Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your general questions about hiking on Kauai with us are answered here.


Do I need my own food?

Yes, you will provide your own lunch. If needed, we can stop somewhere on the way to the hike to pick up some food for you. You can arrange this with your guide when they call to check in with you the day before your hike.


Do I need water? How much?

Yes, please bring enough water to accommodate your needs during the hike. About half a liter for half-day hikes, one liter or more for full day hikes. For multi-day camping trips you’ll need to begin the hike with at least 2 liters of water. We provide water filtration devices that we will use to fill your water bottles with purified water whenever we come across springs or clean rivers.


What kind of shoes do I need?

Everyone loves different types of hiking shoes. Trails on Kauai can be very rugged compared to traditional mountain trails. And the unique red clay soil can get very slippery when wet. We recommend closed toed shoes over sandals. The Vibram five-toe shoes also work well if you’re accustomed to them.


What should I wear?

Normally Kauai temperatures are in the 80’s. Shorts and tank tops are appropriate on most hikes though ask your guide during your pre-hike check in about whether pants are more appropriate for your adventure. Sometimes trailside grasses, ferns and other jungle plants can cause scratching to your legs in shorts. Hats are also nice for sunny days.


Will my group be combined with other groups?

We only offer private guided tours. You will never be grouped with other hikers.


If I start hike and it’s too hard, can I change it?

Your guide will be happy to work with you during your allotted time range to ensure you have a fun, safe adventure that doesn’t push you beyond your comfort zone. If you become uncomfortable with your hike for any reason, let your guide know so you can discuss options for completing your day in comfort and joy.


How many people are included in the cost of the hike?

Prices include up to four hikers. Additional hikers will be charged accordingly.


Lets get out there and have a Kauai Hiking Adventure!